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Pacific Crest Vineyard Services, located in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, specializes in:

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Our focus is on profitable, sustainable production, with an ultimate goal of superior fruit quality. We welcome new clients who share our vision and dedication to excellence in viticulture.

  • Craig Camp - General Manager
    "Jason Cole is the most advanced and forward thinking viticulturist in Oregon. Together with his team at Pacific Crest he designs ideal solutions for each individual site. At Troon Vineyard, Jason has successfully integrated state-of-the-art viticultural science with our philosophy and practice of biodynamics. He was instrumental in helping Troon Vineyard to achieve Demeter Biodynamic® and CCOF Organic certifications in the minimum required time and in Troon becoming the first Regenerative Organic Certified™ estate farm in Oregon and only the second winery in the world to receive that certification. The entire team at Pacific Crest is meticulous in their planning and execution assuring successful harvests vintage after vintage. Jason has been an essential member of our team here at Troon Vineyard and the work of the Pacific Crest has been the cornerstone of our project here at Troon Vineyard."
  • Bill and Barbara Steele - Cofounders/Winemakers
    "Jason Cole and Pacific Crest were a premier partner while we were running Cowhorn Vineyard & Garden. Jason has a great eye for fine grape growing techniques and certainly has a strong grasp of Biodynamic and organic grape growing. His talented team was on time, diligent in accomplishing their tasks and had a strong attention to detail.   We had our own “style” for grape growing and Jason embraced our thoughts and contributed his thoughts to help improve our process. Pacific Crest certainly helped “make the wine in the vineyard” and were a primary reason we were able to make wines that garnered national attention. We would strongly recommend Jason and Pacific Crest to boost the quality of grapes grown in any vineyard."
  • Don Kania - Owner
    "Pacific Crest Vineyard Services has managed our 15-acre vineyard since its inception. Owner, Jason Cole, is a broadly experienced and knowledgeable in viticulture and the grape/wine business locally and across the west coast. Jason’s expertise is leveraged by his outstanding team of vineyard workers. The quality of work is always excellent and executed efficiently. He has helped us from clonal selection to finding buyers. In particular, the recent water shortage was expertly navigated by Jason and his team. They designed and implemented effective strategies to deal with the realities of our drought conditions, yielding a quality product for the season. If you have an established vineyard or are planning one, I recommend Pacific Crest Vineyard Services as your partner."
    Don Kania - Owner
    KanDu Ranch - Ashland, OR
  • Bryant and Baiba Calhoun
    "We have been clients of Pacific Crest Vineyard Services since Randy Gold and Sherman Lamb helped us establish our vineyard in 2001. Their services over the years have been superior. When Jason Cole assumed control the same high standard of quality has been maintained. He was able to help us upgrade to organic farming seamlessly. His scientific knowledge and contacts within the industry have been invaluable. Over all, the organization has been exceedingly dependable and responsive to all our needs. We strongly recommend Pacific Crest Vineyard Services for your vineyard needs!"
    Bryant and Baiba Calhoun
    Paradox Vineyard
  • Jody Lennon
    "We have been working with PacCrest for the past 7 years. Our vineyard looks great and is always well-tended; they say great wine starts in the vineyard, if that is the case, then our award-winning wines are a tribute to PacCrest. Jason is incredibly knowledgeable about vineyard management and works closely with us and our winemakers in working through vineyard decisions, he is always responsive and reliable, and his crew is terrific. We couldn’t be happier with our choice."
    Jody Lennon
    Fences Winery - Medford, Oregon